Current Projects

There are always projects going on at the studio! 



These projects are a way for me to help others with my work.

Many of these projects are currently in process in the studio are nearing completion. 

Others are in the idea stage, on the way to building a series or to submit proposals. Still others are stalled out a bit, waiting to hire another master craftsman to help complete part of it, like building a base or structure for a piece or a crate to ship it out.  



The Goal is Giving!

My goal is use my gift of creating (art, products, projects, talks and teaching) to help those in need and I'd love to invite you along! 



This page is your an entry into being a part of the giving projects.



A few ways to participate are*:

** Give a donation to the general project fund

** Support a specific project to completion

** Use your funding to sponsor a series or book publishing

** Sponsor a podcast/video episode or media outreach


    *When you choose to give, you may chose to remain anonymous or have your name credited on a project.  Sponsorships may provide additional credit script if sponsoring an audio or video project.


    Current list of projects (2021):

    1. 2-sided, rotating painting with pedestal base (almost finished!). 
    2. Glory Morning small works series
    3. Photo Walls - bringing joyful art to mural wallpaper
    4. Art at your feet: series of organic, hand-crafted rugs
    5. Book publishing
    6. New podcast launching soon! (December 2021)

     Which one is your favorite?



    Ready to give? - Click this link... 


    Have questions or like to discuss a project or giving details? 
    Send me a note and let's get giving!


    Thank you for your interest and consideration in supporting these projects.  Important: This is not a 501c3, however the commitment goal is to serve and help those in need and steward generous donations to make an impact. 

    If you're not able to participate right now, please consider checking back when you're ready.  

    Thank you!

    God bless,