"I find such beauty, inspiration and sense of wonder of the world around me, that it is hard for me to confine into one subject matter! I bring it all together with my own technique and style, give all glory to God, and don’t worry about the rest.” 

 -- Roxanne Vise



Roxanne Vise lives and works in Arizona with her husband. She was born in Michigan, then spent the majority of her childhood in California’s Napa Valley, where she acquired not only a love of the nearby ocean and wild spaces of the area, but also the free spirited, intuitive approach that today infuses her art.

The relationship between abstraction and spirituality along with a penetrating sense of wonder of the natural world inspires much of her work. She rarely has a scripted plan for how a painting will be completed and lets mood, intuition and spontaneous gestures act as guides.


Her materials include aspen leaves, beeswax, acrylic, oil stick, pigments and tree resin to infuse each painting with its individual energy, depth and luminosity.

Roxanne’s work is exhibited throughout the United States. Her commissions include wineries and private clients. Her work is also featured as the poster artist for several events.

Primarily self-taught, Roxanne freely explores new concepts, experiments and develops innovative techniques inspired by the Holy Spirit, that characterizes her work. 



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