These truths we know: Water is the basis for all life. The majority of our body structure is water.  Clean water gives life, unsafe water takes it.  

Water is also joy!  You can't help but feel joy if you let yourself run through a sprinkler, stand in a gentle rain shower, splash in a puddle, body surf, go wading, throw a pebble in the water; pure joy!  Water releases our worries along with the clutches of stress - washing it all away in a bath or down the shower drawn.  Water also shields us from the crowded thoughts of our day and invites a pure stream of inspiration - ever get a great idea in the shower? 

The discovery, by Masaru Emoto, that our thoughts can influence water and profoundly impacts our health and the well-being of our planet is an example of how much there is to learn and appreciate about our world.

This series of paintings celebrates water - the life, the joy and the healing that it offers.

Does water have a special meaning for you?  Let's Connect - I'd love to create a special piece for you.