Trees are so like us.

Branches, like arms reaching for the sky, roots seeking a strong hold to stand firm through storms and experiences that threaten to uproot us.

Their message?  Stay present in each moment to receive the gifts of the day - equally ready to soak up the sun or the rain.  Move with the wind and storms, stretch with them and grow stronger for it.

I choose to paint mostly aspen trees as a metaphor for humanity.  Aspen roots extend to create a new tree and before your eyes a forest - a community - bursts into color across the landscape.  All connected as one living organism. 

Painting in a colorful, abstract style with a palette knife creates glorious texture and allows me to invite you into the inner world of the trees and enjoy a deeper connection with the natural world.

Let one of these paintings be your daily companion.  Have a favorite?  Let's connect.