This collection includes original works that are very textural.  

From hand-sculpted elements to built up layers of color, the paintings in this group blur the boundary of painting and sculpture.  Most are encaustic, some may be acrylic or other materials.


A little about encaustic:

Encaustic paintings are made by hand using beeswax, tree resin and artist-grade pigments. 

A process dating back centuries, to Egyptian times and maybe even before, the beauty and longevity of encaustic paintings stand above any other painting process.

Painting with beeswax is intoxicating!  It is both forgiving and challenging at the same time. I use just about any tool I can find to make drawings and marks into a piece - from scrap pieces of metal, sculpture tools or even an old comb.  Each painting creates it's own story through the layers of brilliant texture and marks - built up, then scraped back as needed to reveal the final message of each piece.

Encaustics are very durable, wax repels water and is stable between 35-130F/1.5-54C.  As with any fine painting - a little care with ensure each piece will last for generations.

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