So You’ve Got No Space to Make Art & Feelin' Like You’ll Never Start? October 20 2021, 0 Comments

space to create

You say...

"I’ve got no space to make art.

I don’t have anywhere to paint.

I wish someone would give me a space to show!"




When I started painting on purpose, I set up a flat table outside. I didn't have an easel or a space inside to make art.  I made lots of mistakes and now, I may be able to help you get started.



Let's get you back on track with these 4 tips... 




Hot tip #1: Don’t wait for the perfect place.

You may not have a old carriage house to convert into a studio or the north light coming in just right for years – or maybe… never.  You’ve got, what you’ve got, right now and if you want to make your art, you’re going to have to figure out how, right now.

Stop thinking (and whining perhaps?) about what you don’t have and grab onto what you do!



Hot tip #2: Don’t Wait to be asked or discovered.

If you don’t show in a gallery guess what!?  You won’t have to give a piece of the sale away and you can ask for the price you want.  No one will tell you which piece to make and how many, force you into a style or make you sign long contracts or commit to a show – you’re free!

Sure, that means you’ve got to gumption-UP and take charge of making, selling and showing — but you can do this.


Hot tip #3:  Pop a squat.

Create your own opportunities and like artist’s of old – paint in public.

*GASP!*  I could NEVER do THAT!  (I can totally hear you!)

I’ll bet you can think of a few spaces right now where you just might be able to make art.  Grab that first one you thought of and check it out.  Gather the gear you have, figure out how to make it happen, (if you need to ask permission or what supplies you need – what it takes to hang out there for a few hours) and mark a date on your calendar for your Make-Art-Out day.


Think of the value that you’ll bring to anyone that sees you.

In public, people see the process of art unfold.  It’s not just some pre-fabricated work.  They see it as a work of creation made by the human hand – YOUR hand.  They become part of the experience and are able to interact with you and maybe even ask questions and learn more about your work (what a concept!).

Maybe another artist sees you and gets a bit of inspiration.  It’s cross-pollination.  Igniting inspiration and new ideas between artists AND the viewers.

When the piece is finished, they take a moment of the experience, the memory with them. It changes them forever.  By inviting strangers into the process of your work, the work changes based on those interactions and where you are. You cannot help but react to the environment and  the people.  

You might create very differently in public than you would elsewhere and that’s part of the whole point.  You stretch your self creatively and personally and infuse that flexibility into your creative toolbox – you get wise this way.

You might create total crap the first time or have someone that bugs you.  Allow yourself to learn and grow in those moments. You will get better each time at creating and at interactions with strangers.

Ideas of where to create in public

  • City park
  • Storefront sidewalk (with permission from the owner and away from the door)
  • Tabletop in a coffee shop.
  • Public spaces
  • In front of a library or public building.
  • Outdoor markets, shopping areas.


Hot top #4:  Leverage.

When you’re out there, leverage your time by capturing live action.

  • Take a photo or video of you creating and share it out.
  • Record thoughts in a voice recorder to use later.
  • Tag-team a friend to create with you and do an Instagram paint-out.
  • Set up and plan your Make-Art-Out days with artist friends even far away from you and tag photos.
  • Do an art blog of your paint in public days and invite comments.
  • Send announcements or invites to the next one and even ask for collaboration.
  • Do an art giveaway at your self-made event.
  • Show kids what you’re doing.
  • Have some FUN!

You could create a whole event around this!  A Make-Art-Out day!  A Movement!


So that's a start!

Did any ideas start coming in?  Think you can find a place to create?

 I think you can.


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