Water Painting Floats Off to the Mountains October 04 2012, 0 Comments

It's not often that you find deep water in the mountains...  but, if that Deep Water is a painting... well, anything can happen!

I began this hot wax water series mid-summer in Arizona - when I was dreaming of the California coast, scuba diving experiences, one of 17.

I've enjoyed becoming lost in this painting each time I began to thirst for that deep water feeling and was thrilled that Gussie connected to that same experience when she and her husband chose this painting for their home in Colorado.


Deep Water
7"h x 7" w
beeswax, resin, pigment on maple board
I remember what a struggle it was to set up a studio space to start painting, this article, Practical Guide to Setting Up an Art Studio at Home, may help get you closer to your own space to create.

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