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New ways to be involved with art! May 31 2017, 0 Comments




I'm always exploring new ways to be able to focus more on creating...

The more consistently stable my art can be, the more I'll be able to fund and create special projects and develop other initiatives I have, like my give back program, Take Action for Good (TAG)

If you would like to buy me a paintbrush, be a part of my creative journey or fund a project, please visit this link. To become a monthly a patron or fund a specific project email me here and thank you!

Art is a celebration of life!
-- Roxanne



Merry Wishes & Gratitude... December 24 2015, 0 Comments

An Early Wake Up: Good Morning Arizona Features New Gallery August 21 2015, 0 Comments

Grabbed a quick coffee this morning to open up the new gallery space for the news team.  Gotta to love it when I say, "It's not officially open, let's do this another time…" and they say, they love previews!

We are installing lights and a few other items on the checklist before we open, which is set for September 1st.  Check updates at

So, in the spirit of saying, Yes to opportunities that serve and No to those time-chasers that distract, here is the video from Good Morning Arizona: 3TV | Artist, Roxanne Vise at new Cave Creek Gallery

On the Cover... January 31 2015, 0 Comments


First Place Award for the Showcase Exhibit November 02 2014, 0 Comments

Last night was the opening reception for the Hidden in the Hills Showcase.  

I strolled through the show, sipping lemon water, meeting the guests and artists and enjoying the autumn Sonoran Desert air - let in by the doors open to the terrace.  It's a good feeling to get out from the studio and enjoy what other artists are creating.

The guests were called to attention by the Town Mayor, Vincent Francia, who opens with a lovely nod to the arts and proceeds to call the winners of the show.  He calls my name for First Place.  

So I won an award.  The biggest one for the exhibit - and I almost didn't enter the show.  

It's easy to let opportunities go by.  This season, I stated that I would say "yes" to opportunities and do the work to engage in them.  I'm grateful that this opportunity said yes back.


Two paintings in the show: Effervesce and Dungarees




Two Paintings Selected for the Hidden in the Hills Showcase August 30 2014, 0 Comments

The Hidden in the Hills Showcase opens at the Desert Foothills Gallery on October 3rd through December 5th.

The Gallery, a venue within the non-profit Desert Foothills Library (DFL) will hold a Champagne Reception and honorarium for the juror, Kathy Duley, on November 1st from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and is an opportunity to engage with the artists and meet with collectors and friends.


Effervesce                                                   Dungarees 


Painting Goes to the Beach July 25 2014, 0 Comments

My painting, Flourish, heads off to Huntington Beach.  I love the blue on this one!

Thanks Peter and Claudia for giving this one a good home.


The Dust is Clearing and the New Website is up! July 16 2014, 0 Comments

We're just about done with the site remodeling - launched on - Now with all the events, shop and blog in one place, it's easier than ever to find your way around.

I'm also working on some great projects this summer along with new paintings for my Open Studio event in the fall - check back for updates or sign up for my Studio News that get's you the inside scoop.

Please drop me a note about the new site if you find any links not working or have a suggestion to make it even better!


image credit:  Justin

That Was Fast! February 09 2013, 0 Comments

Water World, the large encaustic piece that I just finished and hung at the Celebration of Fine Art show is... sold!  I am so grateful and thank God for it!  I'll start working on the next piece of the same size (24 x 80)  maybe it will be a vertical piece - don't know yet, but I'll keep you posted!

Want one?  If so, YOU get to pick the colors and if it's vertical or not - that would be fun!

Water World - New Encaustic February 03 2013, 2 Comments

I finished this large encaustic, Water World, on Wednesday and hung it at Celebration of Fine Art on Thursday.  

It's 24"h x 80"w and framed in a floater frame - so much fun to do this size!


Water World, encaustic painting

New Encaustics - In the Studio January 19 2013, 0 Comments

New encaustic works in progress... lined up on tables in the studio (other works on the walls are my acrylics).

These each have several coats of encaustic gesso , then two layers of beeswax and resin, and now... I'm ready to paint!

As each one is completed, I'll post it here and on my Facebook Page.  

Then they'll go on to my space at the Celebration of Fine Art.

I'd  love to hear your thoughts and comments on them!  



Celebration of Fine Art... begins! January 15 2013, 2 Comments

Here are photos of my space at Celebration of Fine Art - during set-up and after the sawdust cleared.

The show goes from January 12th through March 24th, open every day.

Be sure to check it out if you're in town (click link for directions)  - there is an amazing concentration of wonderful artists!



Setting up my space at Celebration of Fine Art


Celebration of Fine Art space

Ready for the show!